Quieten down Activist

Can you imagine the following argument?

“You DO know that eating steak is murder right? I can’t BELIEVE you would sit there and eat it in front of me. Veganism is the ONLY way, soon through my die hard protesting and animal activist movements I will have changed every person on this earth.”

With a reply that goes a little something like this;

“Oh my god Bekkie, get OFF my case and stop jamming your vegan cheese down my throat. How dare you tell me what to eat, this is my body and my life and I’m going to live it exactly the way I want…!”

Kate Heddleston 2015

Hello Online Chums,

And welcome to my first blog post!

Today I want to introduce the topic of Veganism…

M. Katz 2016
*Gasp*, I can hear your sharp intake of breath and another person yelling from the back of the room “not this crap again!”

But hey I’m not the bad guy here! In fact I’m just like you! I’m sick to death of hearing and seeing the protesting. As I scroll through Facebook these days a lot of my feed revolves around animals; whether it be cute cuddly Labrador puppies or scarring images of a pig at a slaughterhouse, this is all I see.

A lot of the time it’s my friends from home, born and raised in Byron Bay, sharing and posting these contrasting images. But of course they’re like that – bloody hippies, what do I expect?

Vegan this, and stop the unnecessary suffering of animals that. Since when did my Facebook page become the activism hub? Is it because social media is such a great tool to spread news hard and fast? And boy does it travel fast; 90.6k comments underneath an image. I look at the time the picture was posted, just out of interest, oh just 3 hours earlier. See what I mean about content travelling fast?

Remember that dialogue you read up at the beginning? I wonder why it seems like such a common argument that we have heard many times before, and why are there two extremes in this dietary movement? Personally in an ideal world I would love to hear the following conversation;

“Oh yeah totally, I can see what you’re saying but unfortunately I can’t reduce my intake of animals or dairy products to an absolute minimum. Sure I could give vegetarianism  a go, but no veganism for me”

With a reply that goes a little something like this,

“Oh great I’m glad you have given it a go, to be honest I believe it would be impossible to have every single person on earth make this drastic change, but you know what it’s cool that you have considered the movement at all.”

What do you think? Do you believe that if vegans stopped harping on about it, and just got on with it, they could make more of a societal change?

So if any of you are vegans out there and want to make a change, stop preaching to me, and start teaching me.

C x

P.s some cool pages that I have found that DON’T preach but DO teach are Peta Australia, Vegan Easy Challenge or Vegan community.



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