Preaching to the Converted

School Supplies 2017

Hello Online Chums,

And welcome to my second blog!

Today I want to continue the topic of Veganism…

Now you will all remember that in our last encounter you and I may have been on the same page regarding this topic, and I was just as happy to yell “Quieten Down Activist”, as much as the next person, so don’t stress when you see the following ok?…

I found a video on Facebook and it really changed my perspective.

The Keep Calm-O-Matic 2017

Now I’m not going to start jamming it down your throat but I do want to describe my journey for you a little.

So I signed up to VeganEasyChallenge (VEC), which I found in the comments of the above video and it went from there!

I honestly thought “why not?”

I’ve been seeing how far I could go for ages, as I’ve always had a vegetarian diet.

I think one of the things that most people are afraid of, as I know because I experienced this myself, many people think that once you’ve chosen to take part in the movement, you’re stuck like that for life! But going vegan isn’t like branding a permanent tattoo into your skin; if you don’t like it, stop!

I signed up for the 30-day trail that the Vegan Easy Challenge recommends and I DID IT!

I did the 30 days!

And it was fine!

And I was proud!

And I told people that I was doing it!

And I was making suggestions and contributing to social media platforms and groups online.

My online voice strengthened and my housemates started to question my motives, and I could slowly notice I was trying to convince everyone I spoke to about this movement… Uh-oh am I turning into the activist now!?

No, no I’m teaching, not preaching remember!

I must admit I’m glad I finished just prior to Easter, and yesss I have eaten dairy chocolate since, but that’s ok, like I said being vegan isn’t a permanent thing, and I’m certainly going to continue in the areas which I can, now that the VEC is over.

I have also started following a vegan Youtuber called Bonny Rebecca who is an activist towards animal welfare and a lifestyle blogger. She shares a lot of different videos but if you’re really having trouble with the concept, her video on 5 Reasons you SHOULDN’T go vegan explains a few of the basics.

Secondly, the VEC Facebook page and Australian Vegan Foodies page both really helped a lot for a first timer like me! The members of these group will not judge or dampen your attempt to be vegan, on the contrary we support and encourage any effort at all!

Anybody want to join me in this lifestyle change?

C xx

School Supplies 2017

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