I’m Doing the Best I Can

A few weeks ago I noticed a thin, brown tail slip between the pillows of our sofa.

Uh-oh it could only be 1 of two things, a lizard or a mouse, in the house!

I did the investigation and slowly pulled back the cushions one pillow at a time, I saw a glimpse of more brown…

One big tug of the final pillow made me reel back and scream, as a miniature brown mouse leaped towards me, and disappeared in thin air.

Fast-forward a week from than. I was home alone, preparing lunch. I saw that same thin, brown tail again, and watched as it slipped behind the fridge.

He’s back.


“Let’s set a trap, or put out some rat poison!” Suggested my housemates

“Can’t we just call Wildlife Rescue to come and capture it?” I said. I was greeted with laughter.

I have compromised, and we now have a mouse trap which is supposed to catch, but not kill, the mouse.

No luck catching anything so far, but i’m hoping that the little miniature mice has found a new home, and he never had to be harmed, I would feel terrible! I even feel guilty when killing insects and have to apologise as I’m spraying them to death, what a hypocrite!

Hello Online Chums,

And welcome to my third blog!

Have you made any changes since our last meet?

Now unfortunately for me, I became rather addicted to that delicious chocolatey goodness I over indulged in over Easter.

The Mindset Effect

Ok, although I don’t feel quite as bad as Charlie Brown does here, my attempts to connect with the Facebook fanatics via vegan foodie groups on Facebook has helped my conscience when making ethical decisions.

If I ever have to make a decision between eating chicken linguine or potato and leek soup its easy to choose the vegetarian option, however, how could anyone choose steamed veg over a cheesy pizza?

So what have I been doing about this issue?

At home I’m as good as gold.

I drink my delicious Vitasoy and scrape my delicious Nuttelex on my toast (both very good non-dairy alternatives, I must preach – do  try these if you can!)



Eating-out is a whole different kettle of fish – sorry, or tofu, I should say.

Isn’t it lucky we live in 2017,  there are some really niche cafes that are popping up all over Australia now, catering to this specific lifestyle choice! How awesome is that!

I think its along with the help from our lovely activists on Facebook, allowing veganism to become more normal, these groups, such as Sea Shepherd and Dodo Impact, are doing far more good than annoyance.

We have the lovely Cafe Nurcha on the Sunshine Coast here, which is a personal favourite of mine, or Earth to Table located in Sydney, which is one among many.

And the beautiful thing is just by eating at these restaurants you’re helping, how does that make you feel?

Dear readers, I would like to know what you done recently to save a creatures life?

C x


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